Construction News: Work Begins
Fences Going Up This Spring
Posted on 03/20/2017
The old library and inside the new mini library

Our transformation has started!

The library has moved out of its space to make way for new science labs and special education classrooms. The library has temporarily moved to B9. The new library will open in 2018 as part of our major remodel work.

The remodel work, which begins this spring, will provide CTE and other classrooms that get our students out of portables and into modern classrooms!

Signs of Progress

Fencing outlineIn addition to library work, you’ll see signs of progress outside the building in April. Construction crews will put up fences around a small portion of the front parking lot and in a parking lot in back. A construction trailer will move in to the front. In mid- to late-April, crews will dig a trench for new utilities.

From there, they’ll start preparing our site for major work this summer. They’ll demolish the middle section of our school and start to build a two-story replacement section.


We’ll post updates about major changes on our Trojan Times page, on our new Facebook page and on our Construction page (under About > School Business > Construction).