Olympic High School may host up to three major dances each school year:

  • Homecoming
  • Tolo
  • Senior Prom

Homecoming and Tolo are held in the OHS cafeteria while prom is traditionally hosted off campus. 

Tickets for dances are advanced purchase only.


The following guidelines apply to all dances:

  • Olympic students are allowed to bring one guest each who will accompany them to the dance. However, guests must be signed up on the official guest list at least two days prior to the final day of ticket sales. Fines are to be cleared before students can buy tickets.

  • Doors close for entry one hour after the start of the dance.

  • All students and guests must show photo identification upon entry.

  • Students/guests may not come and go from the dance and may not go to the parking lot unattended.

  • Dances are school-sponsored events. All school rules related to behavior apply.

  • Dancing that results in close physical contact of a sexual nature is not allowed. 

  • Due to the unique circumstances of off campus dances, additional requirements of students and chaperones may be expected depending upon the rules of the hosting facility.

  • Because of the design and style of attire appropriate for dances, school day clothing rules are modified slightly. However, it is expected that both males and females will dress appropriately and modestly for either a formal or informal school dance. Staff will use discretion and students found not dressed appropriately will be asked to either cover the article of clothing with another, change, or leave the dance. Students violating these rules/guidelines will be denied admittance, or be required to leave the dance.