College Signing Day 2018
College Signing Day 2018
Posted on 05/02/2018
Students signed and held up banners.

On May 1, we gathered to celebrate our inaugural National College Signing Celebration! 

Principal Rebecca Johnson shared this with the students, staff and families who attended:

"We are so happy to recognize the seniors who have made this commitment to 4-year universities, 2-year community colleges, a specialized technical school, or a branch of the military.

"Regardless of whether you are a freshman, sophomore, or a junior, the opportunity of attending college is available to every one of you. You may think that obstacles exist that cannot be overcome, such as money or simply not knowing the process of applying, but you will see students today who have found ways to achieve their dream of going to college.

"As students are called to the floor for recognition, picture yourself at the end of your senior year sharing in the celebration of the next big step in your life."