Mental Health Resources

Our community provides many resources for families with mental health concerns and individuals in crisis. For more information and resources for families affected by homelessness, visit our Services for Homeless Students page (under the Services section of our website). 

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Local Mental Health Resources

Substance Abuse

  • Crisis Clinic (24-hour): 360-479-3033 

  • Alcoholics Anonymous: 1-800-562-7455

  • Narcotics Anonymous (24-hour): 1-866-266-5991

  • Kitsap Recovery Center (treatment referral): 360-337-4625

  • Salish Behavioral Health Organization: offers of Mental Health and Substance Abuse treatment services in Kitsap, Clallam and Jefferson counties:  360-337-4886


Resources for Military Families

School Liaison Officer

The School Liaison oversees child and youth programs and interfaces with local schools. 

  • Phone: 360-396-5139

Domestic Violence Counseling

This office provides counseling, advice, and assistance for victims of domestic abuse.

  • Phone: 360-315-3045

Family Victims Advocate

Family Victims Advocates assist victims in obtaining legal counsel, treatment, and mental health services.

  • Phone: 360-315-3074 or 360-396-5451

Chaplain’s Office

Navy Chaplains provide spiritual, crisis, and substance abuse counseling.

  • Bangor: 360-396-6005
  • Bremerton: 360-476-2183
  • Jackson Park: 360-476 7445 ex26

Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program

This program provides counseling and rehabilitation services for drug or alcohol abusers.

  • Phone: 360 315-3901

Outpatient Crisis Intervention Program

the Outpatient Crisis Intervention Program, Naval Hospital Mental Heath Dept. provides classes and counseling for persons experiencing crisis which are affecting their personal or professional lives.

  • Phone: 360-475-4281

Child counseling services

Navy Region Northwest Child Counseling Services, Fleet and Family Support Center at Keyport or Bangor provides counseling by state licensed clinicians for military children in an individual, family,or group settings. Counselors specifically address:

  • Discipline issues
  • School behavior problems
  • Anger management
  • Social withdrawal
  • Witness to domestic violence
  • Child abuse or neglect
  • Grief and loss

Counselors and therapists are also available to consult with parents and school staff.

Navy Sexual Assault Victim Intervention Program

Volunteer victim advocates are on call 24/7 and have been trained to assist victims of sexual trauma.

  • Phone: 360-315-3075