Trojan Scholars

General Information

The Trojan Scholar Program seeks to create an intellectual environment in which highly capable students pursue a rigorous course of study and are recognized for their academic successes and achievements.

The Trojan Scholar Program recognizes those students who maintain high academic standards throughout their high school years. It is the highest academic honor (other than Valedictorian and Salutatorian) that students can receive at Olympic High School. A student who earns the Trojan Scholar designation will have completed a prescribed course of study and met the requirements listed below.

Trojan Scholar Academic Requirements
The Trojan Scholar Program is an Olympic High School program. The decision to participate in this program is voluntary. Students who are enrolled in the Running Start Program and wish to be considered for the OHS Trojan Scholar designation must take a minimum of ten (10) semester courses at OHS, four (4) of which must be AP, with the remaining hours taken through Running Start in the CADR Academic Areas. Each Running Start course will count as a one-semester course for the Trojan Scholar Program.

To qualify as a Trojan Scholar at graduation:
  •  The student must complete the required course of study. The Trojan Scholar Appeal Board must approve any exceptions. Transfer students should request a transcript evaluation by the Program Director.
  •  The student must have a 3.5 cumulative grade point average at the end of the seventh semester and maintain this through the eighth semester.
  •  The student may receive no more than four semester grades of “C”.
  •  The student cannot receive a grade lower than “C” in any course, grades nine through twelve.
  •  The student must receive a letter grade in all Trojan Scholar courses.
  •  The student must carry six classes during grades nine through eleven and five or more classes in grade twelve or be enrolled in Running Start.

Note: Any student may request a variation from the above requirements by making an appeal in writing to the Program Director and the Trojan Scholar Appeal Board. Deadline to appeal is February 28. 

Trojan Scholar Privileges and Honors
Only Trojan Scholar Graduates are eligible for the following:
1. Participation in Trojan Scholar activities and events.
2. Honor Medallions at graduation.
3. Trojan Scholar recognition in Commencement Program.
4. Eligibility for Valedictorian and Salutatorian selection.