Sample Biotech Schedule

Biotechnology 2015-16

Spring Semester II

Date Class Activity Assignments
Mon. Feb 1 Semester 2 Start.

Introduction to Class.

Class Info and Expectations.doc

3 Ring Binder for classroom ASAP

Prokaryotic vs Eukaryotic Assignment.doc

Due Thursday at the beginning of class.

Tues Feb 2. Who are you: Introductions

Hartman Personality profile.doc
Profile worksheet.doc
Profile answer key.doc
Wed Feb 3 UNIT 1 : DNA Structure

Answer the Q
. What is DNA?

What is Biotechnology.ppt

Intro to DNA Webquest.doc
Thurs. Feb 4 Pro vs Eukaryotic paper due

DNA Carries information...Some Notes:

DNA is the information Molecule.ppt

Student notes sheet.doc

Start DNA model building.

Fri Feb 5 DNA is the info molecule Notes.

Continue with DNA Model
Fact vs. Concept assignment.doc

DUE nextThursday

Mon Feb 8 Finish the notes.

continue model building
Tues Feb 9 What is the 5' and 3' thingy?

The DNA Dance.doc

Complete DNA Model
Finish DNA Model at home.

3D DNA model to play with at home :-)

Wed Feb 10 The Structure of DNA Webquest.doc
Thurs Feb 11 The Structure of DNA. ppt

DNA Structure Notes.doc

DNA Structure quick review/quiz.doc

Fact v Concept DUE

DNA Quick Notes.doc
Tues Feb 16 DNA StructureTEST (including evidence for carying genetic information)
Wed Feb 17 Math in the LAB .doc(Yes Math!!!)
Thurs Feb 18

Biotechnology Tools I: Micropipettes

Introduction to Micropipettes

Micropipettes 1: Measure for Measure LAB

Fri Feb 19 Micropipettes 1: Measure for Measure LAB Micropipette CPR Rubric.doc

CPR example on Gravity written by Dr. F.docx

DUEFri MAR 4 (2 weeks)

Mon Feb 22 Micropipettes 2: Color Wheel LAB
Tues Feb 23 Micropipettes 3: Micropipette Challenge LAB
Wed Feb 24

Finish Challenge LAB

Paid Research internship at ISB Seattle.pdf
For Juniors only
Thurs Feb 25

Micropipettes 4: Serial Dilutions Lab

Serial Dilution Worksheet.doc

Fri Feb 26 Finish and catch-up day

Possible Pre Lab for Bacterial Serial Dilution.
Mon Feb 29 Bacterial Serial Dilution.

Serial Dilution and titration. Counting Bacteria in culture.

Bacterial Serial Dilution and Plating

Tues Mar 1 Bacteria Counting and Data analysis
Wed Mar 2

Unit 2: DNA Function Part 1... DNA functions to replicate itself.

DNA Replication.ppt

DNA Replication Notes scaffold.doc

DNA Replication Picture.doc

Concept I: DNA replication is Semi Conservative

Last Chance to Finish up all LABS and worksheets

Bozeman explains the Meselson and Stahl experiment:
Thurs Mar 3 DNA Replication Notes Concept I: DNA replication is Semi Conservative

Concept II: Replication always proceeds from a 5'->3' direction

Fri Mar 4 Micropipette CPR DUE

Finish DNA Replication

A good Summary: Web Animation:

Concept III : Replication occurs simultaneously from multiple origins.

Concept IV: Replication requires many enzymes.
Mon Mar 7 DNA Extraction LAB
Tues Mar 8 DNA Extraction LAB

Sample Test Q's for DNA Replication with Key.doc

Quick review Quiz No Key.doc
Thurs Mar 10

Biotechnology tools II: Electrophoresis

Electrophoresis exploration I Pre-LAB

Electrophoresis CPR DUEMon Mar 21

2 concepts (a minimum of 3x100 word paragraphs each)
2 reflections (100 words each min)

Typed, 12 point font. double spaced

Fri Mar 11 No School (or a possible Snow Make-up day)
Mon Mar 14 Electrophoresis exploration I Pre-LAB No missing work (including re-writes or Lab worksheets) will be accepted after Thursday!
Tues Mar 15 Electrophoresis Exploration I Electricity, pH, and Buffers
Wed Mar 16 Electrophoresis exploration IIPractice Pouring and Loading gels
Thurs Mar 17 Electrophoresis exploration IIPractice and sample set-up
Fri Mar 18 Catch up and CPR day
Mon Mar 21 Electrophoresis CPR Due

Electrophoresis exploration II Dye Lab
Tues Mar 22 Candy LAB
Wed Mar 23 Candy LAB
Thurs Mar 24

DNA Function 2: Carrying the Code

Part I: Elements of Transcription.

Q. What is a gene?

Introduction to Transcription.ppt

Transcription Notes & Worksheet.doc

Carrying the code Vocabulary.doc

Fri Mar 25 Finish Elements of Transcription

RNA and Transcription.ppt

Transcription animation.ppt

Animation Notes.doc

Mon Mar 28
Part II: Elements of Translation.

Introduction to translation.ppt
the code of translation.ppt
Translation animation.ppt
student animation notes scaffold.doc
Student translation vocab.doc
Translation notes/practice 1.doc

Translation Notes/practice 2.doc

Tues Mar 29 FINISH Translation notes & practice worksheets
Wed Mar 30


Paul Berg Translation DanceVideo:

Twas Brillig Lyrics.doc

DNA Function Vocab Quiz.doc

DNA Function II - Complete Vocab with Definitions.doc

Secret message.doc

Ribosome and transcription Practice Diagram.doc

Thurs Mar 31 From Gene to Protein Review packet.docx
Fri April 1 From Gene to Protein Review packet.docx After today I will no longer accept latework up to this date.
Spring Break
Mon April 11 There are 6 possible reading frames

Mutations in the code.ppt

Notes scaffold (hard copy only)

Mutation Practice Worksheet.doc

Tues April 12 Review

Transcription and Translation practice Quiz + KEY.doc

Ribosome and Transcription complex naming diagram and key.doc

Vocab quiz.doc
DNA Function II - Complete Vocab with Definitions.doc

Crash Course video on DNA->RNA->Protein

Bozeman on Transcription and Translation:
(Dont wory about RNA processing or endoplasmic reticulum!)

Bozeman Transcription and Translation Quiz.doc

Bozeman on Mutations :

Bozeman Mutations Quiz.doc

Thurs April 14 DNA Genetic Engineering:Cutting DNA up into pieces, Gluing them back together again in different combinations, and looking to see what happens!

Biotechnology tools III: Restriction Enzymes


Restriction Enzymes.ppt

Bacterial Plasmids.ppt (Slides 4, 5, and 6)

DNA Scissors Exercise I (hard copy from Dr. F. only)

DNA Gel Electrophoresis CPR DUEin a couple of weeks

2 concepts (a minimum of 3x100 word paragraphs each)
2 reflections (100 words each min)

Typed, 12 point font. double spaced

Fri April 15 Finish DNA Scissors activity.

Restriction Enzyme Pre-LAB

Lambda DNA Seq.doc

Find digest sites for 6-8 enzymes
Hind-III-cutsite_1Hind III

EcoR-I-cutsite_1Eco RI

Sal-I-cutsite_1Sal I

Sma-I-cutsite_1Sma I

Pst-I-cutsite_1Pst I

BamH-I-cutsite_1Bam HI
Mon April 18

Enzyme data dump...fragments released?

Biotechnology tools IV: DNA Gel Electrophoresis

Restriction Enzyme LAB

Set up digests

Lambda DNA Digestion worksheet.docx

DNA "Off to the races" activity (paper only-no e copy)

Tues April 19 Run Gel and stain/Destain
Wed April 20 Collect Data

Semi Log Plotting of known Fragment sizes.ppt

* To find out the size of unknown fragments
* If time: Intro to DNA Restriction Fragment Mapping.

Lambda Fragment Semi-log analysis.doc
Thurs April 21

Plasmids and Restriction DNA mapping

Restriction Enzymes.ppt

Bacterial Plasmids.ppt (Slides 4, 5, and 6)

DNA scissors exercise II

Try mapping an example by Mr. Fowler.

Fri April 22

Plasmids and Restriction DNA mapping Cont.

RFLPs and SNPs (DNA mutations that create or destroy restriction sites)


RFLP Concept.doc

Elephant DNA activity (paper copy only)

RFLP analysis and Kissing

Mon April 25

Who Dun It: RFLP Electrophoresis Murder mystery?

Set up the digest and the gel.

Tues April 26 Run and stain the "murder" gel

DOG DNA results worksheet.docx
DNA Gel Electrophoresis CPR DUE Mon May 2

2 concepts (a minimum of 3x100 word paragraphs each)
2 reflections (100 words each min)

Typed, 12 point font. double spaced

Wed April 27 Whodunnit Results

Sequencing DNA
Thurs April 28

Bacterial Hosts Article.doc

Bacterial Hosts Article Questions.doc

Fri April 29

Sequencing DNA

Genetic Engineering.ppt

Student Notes scaffold.doc

Genetic Engineering CPR DUEMay 23

2 concepts (a minimum of 3x100 word paragraphs each)
2 reflections (100 words each min)

Typed, 12 point font. double spaced

Mon May 2 DNA Electrophoresis CPR DUE

Sequencing DNA
Tues May 3 Sequencing DNA

Paper Plasmids
Wed May 4 Paper Plasmids
Thurs May 5 Clone the Insulin fragment into pAMPKAN

Biotechnology tools V: Bacterial Transformation

Transformation pre-assessment

Fri May 6 Pre-LAB (prep plates/bacteria/set up tubes)
Mon May 9 Transforming pBlu intoE. coli

Perform Transformation (to o/n on ice step.)
Tues May 10 Plate Cells and incubate o/n After today I will no longer accept latework up to this date.
Wed May 11 Calculate transformation frequencies (cfu/ug)

Replica-Plate transformants onto Xgal plates

Start HB101 for pGLO LAB
Thurs May 12

pGLO LAB- Transform plasmid, incubate o/n at 4oC

Take a look at Xgal plates,

Fri May 13 plate pGLO transformation mix

pGLO Worksheet.doc

"What is a Plasmid"...Plasmid Questions and answers.doc
Mon May 16

Test UV light on transformants. Add Arabinose to plates.

Control of gene expression. The LacZ operon

Lac operon Notes (complete).doc

Useful Lac Operon Web Links.doc

Tues May 17 Check transformants for presence of GFP

Review for Test.doc
Wed May 18 Go over Restriction Mapping a Plasmid.pdf
Thurs May 19 Genetic Engineering Test
Fri May 20 PCR DNAi Video:

a good "how does it work" video:
Warning....This is a read-only video (no sound)

Bio-Rad Videos:

PCR Webquest.doc

PCR Prelab

Mon May 23 Genetic Engineering techniques CPR Due Today

PCRHuman Eyebrow cell DNALAB

Genetic analysis of the PTC-tasting allele TAS2R38

Isolate DNA

A general PCR Lab protocol and theory.pdf

TAS2R38 PCR Lab Worksheet.docx

PCR WebQuest.doc

Tues May 24 PCR WebQuest.doc
Wed May 25

PCRHuman Eyebrow cell DNALAB

Perform FNU Restriction Digest

Set up 2% w/v Agarose gel and submarine overnight in TAE buffer

Thurs May 26 Set up Gel
Fri May 27 Run Gel/Stain/results

FinishTAS2R38 PCR Lab Worksheet.docx

andPCR WebQuest.doc
Mon May 30 Memorial Day -No School
Tues May 31

Antibodies and protein purification and detection:


Antibodies Vocabulary Worksheet.doc

3D Antibodies:


The scale of a virus and antibody:

Wed June 1 Make an antibody model

How ELISAs work (Diagram).JPG

How ELISAs work (Diagram Key).JPG
Thurs June 2 Yearbook Distribution

Finish Diagram

ELISA webquest.doc
Fri June 3 Spirit Week Assembly

Antibodies and disease: The Ebola scenario

Mon June 6 Senior Finals

Ebola ELISA of Ebola samples

Ebola ELISA instructions and Questions.doc
Tues June 7 Senior Finals

Finish Ebola ELISA

Epidemiology in action(Epidemiology is
the branch of medicine that deals with the incidence, distribution, and possible control of diseases and other factors relating to health.)

SET UP pGLO HB101 Cells for plasmid purification.
Wed June 8 Seniors Last Day
Thurs June 9
Fri June 10 2nd.Semester Finals Schedule 2015-16.docx
Mon June 13 2nd.Semester Finals Schedule 2015-16.docx
Tues June 14 2nd.Semester Finals Schedule 2015-16.docx
Wed June 15 LAST DAY