OHS Unity, Harmony, Growth

OHS Unity, Harmony, Growth
Posted on 07/02/2020

At OHS our motto has always been Unity, Harmony, Growth. We stand for equity, inclusion, diversity, respect and caring for all regardless of race, religion, gender identity or socioeconomic class. We believe we all have the responsibility to treat others fairly, to care for each other, to call out and address injustice, and to embody these words in the classroom, in the halls and in our community.

As our country, state and communities mourn the murders of George Floyd, Manuel Ellis and so many other named and unnamed Black Americans whose lives were ended and whose families were shattered by unnecessary force at the hands of police, we feel compelled to add our voice to the call for justice and change. Our work has been ongoing for many years, and progress has been made, but we are not there yet. We are making the commitment to walk with our families and students in the fight against racism. We know that we have work to do. We commit to continuing to improve, to understand, and to do the work to get better.

Our Action Plan


Olympic High School is a place where we come together — students, staff and community. Relationship building between students and adults in the classroom and school-wide is a top priority and relationship building activities and class meetings will become the norm. We pledge to unify our community and student body through public forums, seeking parent input and student voice to resonate and inspire our work.


As we come together, there is power in recognizing our strength is in our diversity. We pledge to seek and support respect and understanding, to work through and resolve conflict peacefully and to define a system where differences, issues, or concerns can be voiced and addressed in a timely and respectful manner. We will engage the student body in the fight against racism and provide an avenue for advocacy and activism in service to the community and school. We will support and advocate the right to vote and work with students on a voter registration drive.


We will continue to grow personally and professionally by participating in learning opportunities, both formal and informal. We will grow by standing up when there is an inequity, facing the status quo and listening to the community to inform our decisions. We will not tolerate disrespect or injustice. We will continue to seek to understand and support ALL who are underrepresented and how we can best support each learner. We will review content, curriculum, programs and instructional delivery to support a high quality, consistent learning experience for every student that reflects the culture and history of all Americans.