Rules & Conduct

The Olympic High School Community includes approximately 1,100 students, as well as the staff, parents and local citizens who support our students' success.

All of these individuals share responsibility for creating a school environment in which all students feel secure and supported in learning. Students, just as the adults around them, must contribute to this environment by behaving in a manner that supports the following ideals in our "Big 6" principles

The Big 6

  1. Focus your efforts and actions on learning.
  2. Demonstrate personal responsibility.
  3. Show respect for others, their belongings and school property.
  4. Demonstrate cooperation with peers and staff.
  5. Act with integrity.
  6. Contribute to a safe environment.


As a way to recognize those students who have demonstrated good citizenship at Olympic High, Outstanding Citizenship Awards are presented to students at our year end award celebrations. These students are chosen by vote of the staff using our "Big 6" principles, as well as good citizenship throughout the year.

Please check out the CK School District SRR Handbook.pdf for more the full list of CKSD Policies and Procedures.   

Authorized/Unauthorized Areas



Disruptive Behavior

Dress Code

Dangerous Weapons, Explosive Devices or Fireworks



Gang Behavior


Identification of Self/Misrepresentation

Laser Pointers

Physical Violence



Tobacco Products

Public Displays of Affection

Sexual Harassment

Student Computer Use