Homework for U.S. History


Homework for U.S. History

Welcome to another school year. We're off to a great start.
 It is important to keep up - stay organized and limit your distractions. Welcome to the homework page. Know how to access it. Be aware that it changes regularly. It is your responsibility to keep up with the assignments.

We are working with a new U.S. History text and curriculum this year. Updates to this page will come when I receive new information to share with my students.

Current Homework

Frankly, this scares me!


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Question of the Day

List two significant outcomes from the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Notes from the 1790s

Assignment example: The first reading assignment is Chapter 20,Section 1, pages 670-678, and it is titled "Kennedy and the Cold War."

The second reading assignment is Chapter 20, Section 2, pages 679-683, and it is titled "The New Frontier."

The third reading assignment is Chapter 20, Section 3, pages 686-693, and it is titled "The Great Society."

The Chapter 20 Worksheet was assigned on Wednesday, 5/11, and is due on Friday,5/13.

The Chapter 20 Review was assigned on Thursday, 5/12, and is due on Monday, 5/16.

The Chapter 20 Crossword was assigned:

Chapter 20 Exam will be on:

Past Homework (example:)

The Chapter 2 Exam was on Friday, 9/25/15. That is also when the Chapter 2 worksheets were turned in. Any Chapter 2 work turned in after October 9th may not receive credit.

Some people like to read the questions at the end of the section before they read the section. This tips them off as to what the author thinks are the most important points of the section. Be sure to look at the features at the beginning of the chapter sections - especially terms and names in bold face print.

Notes from various time periods:

Notes from the 1790s
Notes from the 1800s
Notes from the 1810s
Notes from the 1820s
Notes from the 1830s
Notes from the 1840s
Notes on Reformers Notes from the 1850s Notes on the Civil War
Notes on Reconstruction Notes on Inventors & Inventions Notes from the 1880s
Notes from the mid 1880s Notes from the 1890s Notes from 1900
Notes from the Great War Notes from the 1920s Notes from the 1930s
Notes from just before WWII Notes from WWII Notes from the mid 1940s
Notes from the 1950s Notes from the 1960s Notes from the 1970s

Questions, questions

1. How many astronauts manned each of NASA's Gemini flight? 

2. Both U.S. senators representing the state of Washington are women. That is also the case with two other states. Name them.

3. Name two U.S. states whose names contains six vowels. 

E-mail me the answers if you know.

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