Daily school attendance in all classes is one of the most significant factors in a student’s success at Olympic High School.  The following procedures are designed to keep students in school and increase their potential for success. 

Early Dismissal:

Early dismissal notes or phone calls must be brought or directed to the Attendance Office.  Failure to obtain an early dismissal when leaving campus early will result in disciplinary action.  In order to accommodate parent /guardian requests for dismissals that occur during the school day, parents are asked to allow sufficient time for processing early dismissal requests. Due to the busy nature of the Attendance Office and daily student schedules, we cannot guarantee student pick up time without at least 60 minutes notice.

Arriving Late:

Students must check in with the Attendance Office if arriving more than twenty (20) minutes late to 1st period or more than 10 minutes late to all other periods.  A tardy is considered “excused” when the Attendance Office is notified by the parent/guardian that the tardy is due to illness or other health reasons, family emergency, religious observance or family business.


Excused Absence: 

A full or partial day absence must be excused within 48 hours by parent/guardian due to student illness or health condition, school-approved activities, religious observance, or family emergency.  Single-period absences within the school day may only be excused by a school official for school activities or other official school related business.  If an absence is excused, a student shall be permitted to make up all missed assignments under reasonable conditions and timelines established by teachers. Suspensions from school are considered excused absences.

Pre-arranged Absence:

You may print the attached Pre-arranged Absence Form or pick one up at the Attendance Office.


Truancy is defined as any unauthorized or willful absence from school, class, part of a class, or scheduled activity during the school day.  A truancy occurs when:

  • The student is absent without the permission of the parent/guardian or a school official.
  • The student does not attend a scheduled class.
  • The student has not received prior permission from the Attendance Office for an early dismissal.
  • The student leaves class or campus without properly checking out. (May also result in administrative referral for Unauthorized Leaving Campus).
  • The student is not in a meeting or at an assembly when assigned.
  • The student does not attend class pending a schedule change or school change.
  • The student arrives more than 10 minutes late to class (20 minutes for 1st period) without a pass/excuse.

A truant student’s grade may be affected if a graded activity or assignment occurs during the period of time a student is truant.  Further, disciplinary action will result in accordance with consequences outlined in the OHS Truancy Policy and the CKSD Student Rights & Responsibilities document.  Unexcused absences may be reported to local court officials in accordance with the Washington State BECCA Bill.  Reference: Central Kitsap School District Policy 3122.

Absence Procedures:

School Messenger, the school district’s automated calling machine, will call each evening on all students who have been marked absent from one or more classes during the day and the absence has not been excused by the parent, guardian, or school official.  Please notify the Counseling Office, 662-2745, of any updates to parent contact numbers to stay informed of your child’s absences.

When an Absence Occurs:

An absence must be cleared within 48 hours.  It is the parent/guardian responsibility to excuse student absences. When an absence occurs, you may excuse your child’s absence in one of the following ways:

  • Call the Attendance Office, 662-2730, each day your child is absent
  • Send a note with your student upon return to school explaining the absence
  • Leave a message on the Attendance Office answering machine 24 hours a day

Failure to excuse an absence will result in a discipline referral. It is the student’s responsibility to contact teachers to obtain missing assignments/homework.  If an excused absence exceeds three days, parents/students should contact the Attendance Office for homework.

Tracking Unexcused Absences:

The law requires that schools track unexcused absences for students and work with parents to develop a plan when a student has two unexcused absences in one month.  If a student has five unexcused absences in a month or ten in a school year, the school district is required to file a BECCA petition for civil action with the Juvenile Court. 

The definition of an excused absence is: illness, or health condition; family emergency, religious observance, (when requested by a parent); school-approved activities; some disciplinary actions or short term suspensions, as required by law; or family-approved activities.  A family-approved activity is only excused if there is prior written approval by the principal and no serious, adverse effect on the education progress of the student.

Please call the Attendance Office as soon as you know that your child will not be attending school and please do everything you can to schedule appointments outside of school hours.  If you do not call on the day of your child’s absence, School Messenger, the automated calling machine will contact you after 5:00 p.m. with a message to contact the Attendance Office.  If you cannot be contacted or do not contact the Attendance Office, the absence is considered unexcused.

Tardy Policy

Tardy – Definition:  Student marked tardy when not in class when the final or tardy bell rings

  • later than 20 minutes to 1st period, report to the Attendance Office
  • periods 2-6, up to 10 minutes late, marked tardy by the teacher
  • periods 2-6, after 10 minutes late report to the Attendance Office

Progression of consequences for tardies –Classroom level consequences:

  • Verbal warning
  • Classroom level consequence
  • Parent contact
  • Administrative Referral – school discipline