We are committed to a safe and civil learning environment for all students, staff, volunteers and families. Bullying is not OK in our schools. We teach bullying prevention in our schools. We train our staff to recognize and respond.

We also encourage you to help us by reporting bullying to a teacher or counselor as soon as possible. Try to give as many details as you can. Give the names of other students involved, dates and the locations where any bullying actions took place.

You may report bullying to our principal or the district office of Teaching and Learning.

What Is Considered Bullying?

Bullying is about power. A single instance of name-calling or roughhousing is not acceptable, but it may not necessarily be bullying. Bullying happens when one person uses strength, popularity or another form of power to control or hurt others. It often happens repeatedly.

Bullying includes actions that:

  • Physically harm a student or damage the student’s property
  • Substantially interfere with a student’s education
  • Are so severe, persistent or pervasive that they create an intimidating or threatening educational environment
  • Substantially disrupt the orderly operation of the school

Consequences for Bullying

We take bullying seriously. We will take action if your child reports being bullied. We base consequences on severity and frequency of the behavior. Our goal is to restore a positive climate, support victims and others affected by the bullying.