ADVISORY time at Olympic High School is for you! 

…is provided for you to get extra help from teachers, do make-up work including quizzes and exams, and to better prepare yourself for your classroom responsibilities. Please carefully read the information below:

  • Advisory time is not a social time.
  • Advisory time is for you to further your academic pursuits. 
  • You may be required by teacher assignment to attend particular Advisory sessions.
    • These assignments are not optional, and you will be required to attend when assigned.
  • If you are not assigned to a specific session, you are required to be engaged in classroom work or appropriate academic reading during Advisory time in your Advisory classroom

Your Responsibilities During ADVISORY Time

  • You are to come prepared for Advisory time as assigned by your teacher.
    • When assigned by a teacher, you are to report to assigned Advisory after attendance check-in with advisory teacher.
    • Bring classroom materials and appropriate reading materials for use when assigned work is complete.
    • You will not be able to visit your locker or the restroom during Advisory time.
    • You are required to remain in the classroom that you moved to for Advisory.
  • If not assigned by your teacher, you may request help from a specific teacher, but you must secure a pass from the teacher prior to the Advisory time desired.
  • Advisory time is work time not social time.
    • You are to be engaged in academic work or appropriate academic reading materials.
    • Sleeping is not permitted.
  • You will not be allowed to leave your Advisory classroom without an Advisory pass to a specific Advisory or alternate assignment.
    • If you remain in your Advisory class you must do academic work or academic reading.
  • All Olympic High School policies and procedures as well as the Students Rights and Responsibilities are in effect during Advisory time.